Igloohome Keybox 3 Setup

Instructions for setting up the Igloohome Keybox 3

The iglooHome Keybox 3 is an internet-connected lockbox designed specifically for secure key storage and transfer. It can be opened using pin codes or Bluetooth. Pin codes are generated using a system called algoPIN that doesn't rely on wiFi and destroys codes if they aren't used within pre-allotted, under-60 minute time periods.

This guide is for anyone with a Caretaker account who is setting up the Keybox 3 for a unit that they own or manage. If that is not you, please see the instructions for team members without access to the Caretaker Dashboard.

There are three things you'll need to do to complete the installation:

  1. Choose the right place to hang the lock
  2. Hang the lock
  3. Upload photos and instructions to the correct unit

Choosing the right location

When deciding where to place your keybox, keep these important factors in mind:

  • If there is a common entrance that is locked you'll need to place the keybox outside
  • The keybox should be as close to the first door as possible so that visitors can find it
  • If there are multiple keyboxes at a single property, you will need to make sure that your instructions enable the visitor to pick the correct keybox.

Single-family homes and apartment buildings with doormen

Hang the keybox on the handle of each unit door. It comes with two different handles. If the unit has a round doorknob, you'll need the slim shackle. If it has a door handle, you'll need the thicker shackle.

Apartment buildings without doormen

For apartment complexes or any type of property with an additional entrance door, you will need a key for each door. Your keybox will need to hang outside of the main entrance door. Suggested locations include:

  • A railing, fence or any permanent structure
  • Mounted near the door (please request mounting screws when ordering your keybox )

Hanging the lock

Follow these steps carefully to securely install the keybox.

  1. Get ready to install the keybox by opening the package that it arrived in and making sure that you have all of the parts that may be necessary. The padded envelope will contain another padded envelope with prepaid return labeling and a black box. The black box will contain:

    • The smart keybox
    • An optional set of mounting hardware in a small plastic bag
    • A screw designed to be used with the mounting hardware
    • An alternative handle for the keybox that is thinner than the handle it comes with - you will find this underneath the keybox
    • A label with the address and unit number that the lock has been connected to

    Contact Support if your shipment is missing any of the above items.

  2. Prepare the correct set of spare keys for the keybox that you are preparing to setup. To avoid any confusion, each keybox will arrive with a tag that has the correct address written on it. Set aside the correct keys for that address as soon as you remove the keybox from the packaging.

  3. Follow the link in the arrival notification that you receive or choose the unit from the list of units in the Caretaker Dashboard.

    Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 10.33.13 AM.png

    Status changes to Pending setup once the shipment has arrived

  4. Click Get access code to see a one-time use code.
  5. Open the lock using the code:
    • Press the key icon in the center of the touchpad
    • Type the pin code
    • Press the key icon again
    • You will hear 4 ascending fast tones and see a green LED light flashing twice.
    • Pull the face of the lock towards you.
  6. Hang the keys on the keyrack in the center of the box interior.
  7. To remove the handle on the top of the lock, look for a small, silver bar in the middle of the keybox interior - directly above the key rack. Slide this bar to the right and pull the keybox handle upwards to detach it from the body. Click here for a demonstration.
  8. Snap the handle back into the keybox around the object that you are attaching it to.
  9. Close the keybox with the keys inside. Try opening it to make sure it is locked.

Congratulations, the keybox has almost been setup!

Access instructions

  1. Write instructions designed for someone visiting the home for the first time with no knowledge of where to find the keybox. The instructions will be inclu
  2. Take one or multiple photos of the keybox location to be included as part of your instructions.
  3. Add your instructions and upload the photos in the Caretaker Dashboard.


If you're experiencing issues, it's most likely because of one of these common issues. If none of these problems apply to you, get in touch with our support team and we will resolve the issue.

Flashing red light

If the keybox flashes a red light after you enter your code, that means that you entered an access code that is either incorrect or has already expired. Single-use access codes that are sent to visitors who schedule access appointments will stop working immediately after the appointment slot, so make sure you aren't using one of these.

Once you're sure your code hasn't expired, follow these steps carefully:

  1. Press the back arrow on the keybox to clear any previously entered numbers.
  2. While the keybox is illuminated, enter your access code. Make sure that you hear a beep after each number.
  3. Press the unlock button. The keybox should flash a green indicator, confirming that it was successfully unlocked.
  4. Pull the face of the keybox towards you to open it.

Flashing green light

If the keybox flashes a green light after you enter your code, that means your code was accepted and the keybox should have unlocked. The most likely explanation is that a key (or something else) has gotten caught up in the locking mechanism. To remove the jam, grab the keybox by the shackle and firmly tap it against a hard, non-abrasive surface. Do this a couple of times and then try unlocking the keybox with your access code again.

The keypad doesn't light up at all

The keybox should illuminate and beep every time you touch a number. If that isn't happening, it's either because it went into security lock-out mode due to too many failed attempts to open it or because the battery has died.

  1. Rule out security lock-out mode

    • If the wrong access code is entered too many times, the keybox will emit a loud siren and stop accepting access codes for 5 minutes. This is called security lock-out mode. Leave the keybox alone for 5 minutes to make sure that this isn't what happened, then try entering your access code again.
  2. Request a replacement keybox

    • If the problem persists then the battery is likely dead. Put the dead keybox into your return envelope and ship it back to Caretaker. A replacement will be sent to the same address.
  3. Jumpstart the keybox

    • Supply power via the USB-C port at the bottom of the keybox. Connect the keybox to a wall charger, a portable power bank, or your phone. Give it a few seconds to charge, and then enter your access code while the power source is still connected.

  4. Replace the batteries

    • You can replace the keybox's AAA batteries yourself. TO do this, use the small screwdriver that arrived with the lock. Loosen the four screws on the back of the lock and remove the battery cover. Insert replacement AAA batteries and put the back of the lock back on.

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